Friday 12 December 2014

Watercolour Handmade Christmas Cards

My watercolour Christmas Cards

I have been spending the last few weeks painting my Christmas Cards.
As I am new to watercolour painting, these are good practice for me.

I have used  300gms  rough  watercolour paper and cotman & reeves paints.

These are sent to only family and special friends, although next year ,
I might consider selling some, just to enable replenishing my paints & paper costs. 

On the other hand, maybe they are not good enough to sell!

Friday 8 March 2013

Linka Railway Models

Here's some good news for all you Linka Model Makers. There is an excellant site that you must check out.. make sure you have plenty of time.. you will be there for hours.
It is a new site started up by Martin , has loads of information , tips and gallery of buildings, too much for me to list.
So Check it out Linka Model Making

Having purchased some linka moulds recently I thought I would post my models.. will add on as they are built.
This is a new project for me. I am having a few problems with the glueing,using PVA waterproof glue tends to weaken the joints, so I am searching for something else more suitable to glue the joints.

Painting the model (pub) using watercolour paints which I find give a better finish  and the colour is probably more true than the acrylics.

Here is my very first Model of a pub, modeled in Stonework.. need to add chimney pots Ect


Here's a Tip for those of you making the models.

Windows : Removing the unwanted mould from the windows is best done by scratching out by using
a Dental Tool (sharp Point) or using a metal point used that come with your craft knife set as illustrated below.Using a knife can be difficult and cause more damage and on occasions I have broke my window by using the knife method.

Almost finished  My stone Farmhouse ( see pic below)

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Handmade Cards

Mothers Day is on the way.
So here are a few of my handmade cards to share with you and hopefully give you a few ideas.